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Inventory Management

Inventory Management allows a user to create profiles to digitally track inventory quantities.

Say goodbye to the chaos of stacked materials on shelves or tables. We’ve got the solution that will not only simplify your inventory management but also save your time and money.

Our Inventory Management automatically updates material use and keeps track of your inventory. No more guesswork when reordering – you can donwload custom reports with real-time inventory levels, usage, and suggested order amounts. Plus, IM sends you alerts when your inventory is running low.

Looking for specific material into your inventory? The easy-to-use search features and handheld scanner support you make locating and viewing material data a breeze. And if you ever need assistance, we’ve got your back with our B2C support via a feedback portal.

Don’t miss out on the benefits of Inventory Management – it’s like having a personal assistant for your lab. Say goodbye to inefficient material management and hello to streamlined operations. Join us today, subscribe your free three months and see how IM can make a difference in your daily job.

Available only in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Let the Cloud Handle Your Inventory

Stock Manager

As a DGSHAPE user, you have access to a wide range of state-of-the art technology. DWX milling devices provide the long-lasting quality you need for all your dental applications. Now, you can manage your milling device and your CAD/CAM materials in the cloud. Our latest cloud-based Inventory Management (IM) application helps you monitor stock level quantities, locations, and processes reports to simplify the ordering process. Simply create a profile to manage your materials, then use a scanner or mobile device to enter quantities as each order is received. Make the most of your DGSHAPE membership today!

CAM Integrated Solution

Stock Manager

Are your technicians manually updating and ordering milling materials each week?  Let our new IM application save you valuable time.  With compatible CAM software, as each job is completed, IM will move new material into used material categories, adjusting your stock levels automatically.  

Reorder with Ease

Automated Reporting

Never run out of stock! IM simplifies the ordering process with dashboard alerts and 1-click custom reports. When stock levels reach a low point, IM’s dashboard will notify you automatically. You can then export a PDF or Excel report listing current inventory levels and suggested order amounts for each profile and place a new order, quickly and easily restoring your inventory to the recommended level.

We’ve created an education library of short videos to help you start your journey with IM. Check out the most popular topics below or login to access the full education library.

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Available only in the United States, Canada and Latin America.

Frequently Asked Questions

MillBox CAM software from version 2022 or later is compatible with the IM app. The next release of hyperDENT CAM software will be compatible with the IM app. hyperDENT is set to release a new version during late Q1, 2023.

Currently IM does not track tool and bur utilization. This feature will be added in a later phase.

Yes. The IM app is compatible with materials that use a barcode or QR code for reference.

Please, contact your resellers for details.