Best Wet Solution 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine


Best Wet Solution 4-Axis Dental Milling Machine


Advantages of Choosing the DWX-42W Plus

Make your milling jobs faster, more efficient and accurate than ever with DWX-42W Plus, our wet dental milling machine. 

The DWX-42W Plus can simultaneously mill up to six blocks 

It allows you to mill fully sintered zirconia, hybrid ceramic materials and more: with the AK-1 Abutment Milling System you can mill custom titanium abutments from pre-milled blanks 

Burs Can Mill Up to 50 or More Units Before Needing Replacement

Mill Up to 6 Ceramic Blocks (with the Multi-Pin Clamp: ZV-42W)

Open CAD/CAM System

Mill Titanium
(with the Abutment Milling System: AK-1)

Easy to Use and Monitor

Remote Control

Discover the Variety of Materials You Can Mill with Your New DWX-42W Plus
  • Glass ceramics
  • Composite resin
  • Hybrid ceramics
  • PMMA
  • Sintered Zirconia
  • Titanium (Titanium custom abutments can be milled from pre-milled titanium blanks using optional AK-1)
Discover the Range of Applications
 You Can Create with Your DWX-42W Plus

Millable Material

Discover the Variety of Materials You Can Mill with Your New DWX-42W Plus
  • Glass ceramics
  • Composite Resin
  • Hybrid ceramics
  • PMMA 
  • Sintered Zirconia
  • Titanium (Titanium custom abutments can be milled from pre-milled titanium blanks using optional AK-1)

Millable Applications

Discover the Range of Applications
 You Can Create with Your DWX-42W Plus

Whether you’re crafting dental crowns, bridges, or custom implants, this advanced technology ensures exceptional quality and consistency in every piece.

With the DWX-42W Plus, you can explore a wide range of dental applications, all produced with the highest standards of accuracy and detail.








Vencer Montes DGSHAPE Crew

I love DWX-42W It's fast and efficient. Above all, very high quality of dental restorations

Currently, our small digital lab for the clinic is being known by other dentists here in the Philippines and are now sending me their cases to be made. They love the accuracy of the restoration after the milling process. In our clinic, we do about 90% of our cases utilizing same day digital dentistry.

The speed of the mill and its accuracy made this possible

Dr. Vencer Montes


New and more efficient spindle

This wet dental milling machine features a new, heavy-duty spindle and requires only 0.22 MPa of compressed air, eliminating the need for a dedicated air compressor.

It also offers multiple milling techniques to speed up production for all dental applications.

Longer tool life

The DWX-42W Plus’ new technology means longer tool life, saving you both time and money.

With larger roughing burs that can mill 50 or more units before needing replacement, bur life has been extended up to 100%.

Mill multiple restorations at once

The DWX-42W Plus can simultaneously mill up to three spin blocks by default.

Boost your productivity even further with DGSHAPE’s Multi-Pin Clamp (ZV-42W, sold separately).

The Multi-Pin Clamp holds up to six pin blocks, upgrading your mill’s capacity and maximizing your workflow efficiency. 

Abutment milling system

Paired with the AK-1 Abutment Milling System, the DWX-42W Plus offers a complete solution for milling custom abutments from titanium blanks produced by popular manufacturers like DESS, NT-Trading, MEDENTiKA®, and GeoMedi.

VPanel for DWX

With VPanel you can control your milling machine.

Monitor tool use and set notifications so you know when milling jobs are done, operations are completed, or when an error has occurred, so you can save time for other jobs. 

VPanel has a very user friendly interface, that allows you to use it in the best way. 


Fully leverage your experience with DGSHAPE through DGSHAPE CLOUD, an advanced cloud service provided by DGSHAPE.

Accessible via your DGSHAPE Account, it grants you access to Insights, a tool for remotely controlling your CAD/CAM milling devices and supporting your business.


Technical information

61 kg (134.5 lbs.)
Width 482 mm (19 in.) x Depth 560 mm (22 in.) x Height 600 mm (23.6 in.)

Max. 40 mm (1.5 in.)(Width) x 20 mm (0.8 in.)(Depth) x 20 mm (0.8 in.)(Height) 

Operating speed: XYZ axis 6 to 1,800 mm/min (0.24 to 70.9 in/min)
Spindle rotating speed: 15,000 to 60,000 rpm
Rotary axis travel angle: A ±360°

Up to 6 pieces
Shank diameter: 3 mm (0.12 in.)

Interface: USB or Ethernet (10 BASE-T/100 BASE TX automatic switching)
Power requirements: AC 100 V to 240 V ±10%, 50/60 Hz (overvoltage category II, IEC60664-1), 2.1 A
Power consumption: approx. 190 W

AK-1 Abutment KIT

ZV-42W Multi pin Clamp

Sales Product Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Mainly for three reasons: the quality of the machinery, our milling machines have a very long lifecycle; the quality of the produced applications, the lifecycle of the tools and ease of use.

Our decision to separate dry from wet milling production stems from the idea of providing our customers with dental milling machines that are easy to use, require little maintenance, and have the fewest possible issues during their lifecycle.

All our DGSHAPE milling machines have an open CAD/CAM system, allowing the machine owner to use their preferred software.

Please, contact your resellers for details.

The warranty provided directly by DGSHAPE lasts for one year.

The dealer from whom the customer purchases the machine may offer any warranty extensions. Additionally, DGSHAPE provides a customer support subscription service.

One of the strengths of DGSHAPE dental milling machines is their ease of use, from calibration to maintenance.

We at DGSHAPE do not directly provide courses, but usually, it’s our trained dealers who offer assistance and courses from the initial installation.

Finally, we have tutorials on our website and YouTube channel.

Through our network of dealers, we are present in over 200 countries.

In addition, DGSHAPE has direct subsidiaries in the main countries where it operates, ensuring comprehensive support in the local language.

We firmly believe in the quality of our machinery, which is why DGSHAPE provides spare parts for its dental milling machines at a reasonable cost.

Additionally, it allows for easy replacement of the spindle, which can be done autonomously by the machine owner.

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